The Instrumental Enrichment Basic (FIE-B) course is a series of tasks designed to help young children from pre-Kindergarten through early primary to develop basic global concepts, increase cognitive functioning and increase social behavioural and emotional areas.
Course Instructor : Mrs Lalitha Ramanujan
Venue: Delhi

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The program provides a rich context for the development of cognitive and meta-cognitive structures. Focused on mediated learning, the aim is to improve a student’s social adaptability that impacts real-life problem solving skills in the long run

The FIE-B programme provides children with a jumpstart to learning. It prepares them for school readiness and is designed to reduce the chance of placement in special education.

Feuerstein’s IE Basic Level program is aimed at younger children. The activities and tasks provide an environment for the child to explore the operations of comparison, orientation in space, analysis of geometric shapes, numerical skills and understanding emotions. The program also prepares the child for the Standard level program that takes the learner to higher levels of mental processing and cognitive functioning.