This is a lecture and practicum course designed to give developing educational therapists continued training in accordance with the NILD intervention model. Three broad topics are addressed in the Level II course
Course Instructor: Mrs Lalitha Ramanujan
Venue: Alpha to Omega , Chennai

Three learning components are addressed during this course:

  • The development of oral language through the processes of mediation and effective questioning in order to promote higher order thinking skills.
  • Further instruction in interpretation of initial assessment and annual test reporting.
  • Review of Level 1 techniques and instruction in Level II techniques leading to further student improvement and increased ability for educational therapists to identify cognitive functions.

Successful completion of this course will build upon prior knowledge and equip the educational therapist to more effectively implement NILD techniques.

    Upon successful completion of this course, the educational therapist should be able to:
    • Demonstrate the ability to question students effectively
    • Demonstrate a beginning understanding of mediated learning
    • Interpret test results with emphasis upon prescribing an appropriate individualized program
    • Demonstrate proficiency in Level 1 techniques and a working knowledge of Level 2 techniques
    • Develop skills of pacing, transitions and bridging
    • Continue to improve understanding of cognitive functions

    Successful completion of NILD Level I. Minimum educational therapy student contact of one year and 100 hours.

    • NILD LEVEL 3 courses are available for successful participants and practising therapists of NILD LEVEL 2.

    Course Details
    Online : 6th November to 30th November, 2017

    Residency : 4th December to 8th December, 2017