Rx 4, Discovery Math course is designed to train teachers to provide Math intervention in a group setting especially for students in grade K to 5.

The programme aims to build number sense, math fluency, vocabulary and problem solving strategies. Hands on research based activities will be used in this dynamic intervention with mediation which will strengthen the basic math concepts and enhance the students thinking and problem solving skills; all this in an environment where anxiety is minimized and thinking is maximized.

Course Objective

On successful completion of this course the participant will better understand the students’ needs in math and can help strengthen their skills.

Course Requirements
  • Prerequisite: none
  • Pre-course Preparation: Read articles provided as pre-course material.
  • Course Activities: The participants acquire an understanding of number sense and the skills to be effective mediators
Course workload and Evaluation

Seven to Eight hours to prepare the pre course assignment and evaluation will be based on the demonstration of the participants.


To encourage the students’ understanding of numbers and to enhance the students’ competence in solving problems.


Students will develop the necessary cognitive functions to effectively improve the mathematical skills.

Materials Required

‘Coming to Know Number, 2nd Ed.: A Mathematics Activity Resource for Elementary School Teachers’ by Grayson H. Wheatly & Anne M. Reynolds

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