Alpha to Omega in collaboration with NILD (National Institute for Learning Development) brings to you “SEARCH AND TEACH”.

Together they are a powerful pair

“The strength of SEARCH & TEACH is in early intervention. This twofold approach offers educators an effective tool for catching learning disorders at the beginning of a child’s academic career, before the downward spiral of failure begins. With proper and timely identification and intervention, many children can be spared the lifelong consequences of learning disorders.”


is a 20-minute individual test designed to identify 5 and 6 year olds vulnerable to learning difficulty. The test content is designed to survey perceptual and neuropsychological functions basic to learning. It provides profiles of individual strengths and weaknesses in the foundational skills necessary for reading success. SEARCH provides a total score to assess vulnerability to educational failure. It has further power in offering clues as to clinical diagnoses as obtained in intensive psychiatric and neurological studies of individual children.


is a resource book of instructional tasks designed to mesh with the SEARCH profile of assets and deficits. These targeted perceptual simulations (SEARCH) relate directly to deficits uncovered by SEARCH and verified by a multidisciplinary assessment. TEACH, a program of 55 learning tasks, was carefully developed and tested during a four-year investigation of pre-reading skills to address the needs revealed by SEARCH. It is an individualized program, but does allow for some small group work of review activities with children of similar needs.