Vidhya Venketasen

Singapore parent

We feel after all these years we are receiving the necessary and much needed help from a set of professionals who clearly go above and beyond each and every day for our son with ASD.

It has been a blessing to have our son engaged in interventions at ATO - for his social and emotional issues and to academically challenge him for all the schooling he has missed. Alpha to Omega has carefully structured a programme which is individualised and fit the needs of my son. Our son attends intervention classes four times a week and has begun to make steady progress. He seems more confident and enjoys challenging himself. We have a ways to go, but we feel after all these years we are receiving the necessary and much-needed help.

I was extremely excited when I came across Alpha to Omega , an educational therapy school that looks at individualised education plan to help children acquire academic strategies and skills. They focus on language competence, cognitive strategy and skill development.

Jia Hui

Singapore Parent

Josephine Francis

Singapore Parent

Lalitha’s “never-give-up” attitude and her conviction in believing in the potential of a child has greatly impacted me and has also imparted in me a strong faith in each and every child.

Alpha to Omega is constantly re-discovering and re-establishing the current strategies and interventions to help children with learning difficulties. The research and resources that go into creating new programs to benefit our young minds is truly expansive.

NILD was life-changing for me, my child and family because we finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Serina Chew

Singapore Parent