We are here for the long term

Our commitment to the community

Our commitment to the community is one of the key foundations of Alpha to Omega. We don't just operate a school and learning centre for commercial purposes. We are here for the long-term and are instilled in our founding principles that quality education with quality teachers must aim to reach all areas of the community.

Our teacher training programmes and scholarships for low-income families are based on this premise. We share our knowledge of techniques with parents, teachers and therapists in India and the Far East so that they can work with and impact a larger group of children.

In India, 30% of children at the school are funded through the proceeds of the Sri Krishna Trust, established by Mr. Kanapathy Selvanathan. In Singapore, up to 10% of our profits from our upcoming Alpha to Omega centre will go towards subsidising children from low-income families. Our founders also commit 100% of their teaching time to working with children from low-income families.

The agreement of all our stakeholders to work together for the good of the whole is a central value of Alpha to Omega that will not be compromised.