At Alpha to Omega, we work with the best institutes and use educational techniques to help children overcome learning challenges

Founder’s Letter

For over 25 years, we have been working with some of the best institutes that specialise in learning development to implement researched-based, best-practice interventions that help children overcome learning challenges. We are founded on the belief that there are no limits to what a child can achieve. We are dedicated in providing an education that prepares children through their development needs at each age, so that they can learn to think deeply, accept the challenge of hard work, be intellectually independent and to value themselves and others.

We have seen underachievers and children at risk succeed through school and graduate to live truly independent lives. This has involved a consistent and structured approach with children coupled with strong administrative and instructional commitment from our teachers in order to create high quality teaching and a lasting impact. Watching our children dream big and working hard towards achieving these dreams drives us to continuously work towards our long-term goals.

Since our inception, we have focused on equipping teachers with methodologies to teach differently and positively impact children both academically and to live life in the long run.

Working directly with educators in spreading word and techniques in order to create a supportive community is a critical part of the Alpha to Omega soul.

We are very excited to be opening our first centre in Singapore in 2015 and working with parents, schools and communities to impact a larger population of children in the region.

These are beautiful children, who may be anxious, unfocused, impulsive and sometimes seem to be in their own world. But we love them, we see that they work hard, we believe in their ability to impact change and to ultimately provide the warmth and unconditional affection that is truly special.

They are our role models. We learn from them.

Lalitha Ramanujan & Sharada Selvanathan

Founder, Alpha to Omega India & Director, Alpha to Omega Singapore