We provide research-based learning techniques for pre-primary through to secondary school

Our programme caters to three groups of students: the pre-primary child between 4-6 years old, the primary school child from 7-12 years old and children from 12-18 years.

Our programme is based on specialised learning techniques that help children strengthen their ability to learn. By focusing on fundamental and transferable cognitive skills, we look to improve different areas of a child’s development. For instance, strengthening a child’s auditory processing will not only help them read and spell better, but also help them express themselves clearer and more confidently. Group sessions develop academic thought and foster crucial interpersonal skills, whilst teaching children the importance of inclusion and working consciously in a community.

We use structure to build skill

Our curriculum uses research-based, field-tested techniques and instructional procedures to change the way children with learning challenges think and work. We equip them with core cognitive and fundamental skills, which give them the opportunity to succeed in school and beyond. Constantly challenging them builds their confidence, independence and attitude necessary for wanting to excel and learn beyond.

We don’t settle for standard

Sometimes, the benchmark for children with learning challenges involves preparing them for basic jobs and life skills.

Instead, we push students to surpass these expectations because we know they are capable of achieving more. Constantly challenging them nurtures them into independent, active learners who expect more of and for themselves

We deliver results with lifelong impact

A foremost priority for parents is grade level competence; however, at-risk students are often only expected to “get by”. We forgo regurgitated conventional teaching methods for intensive, specialized, research-proven exercises for students to successfully and independently learn.

Not only do they gain a foothold in school, their psychological results, scores, and self-esteem also improve, and children begin setting meaningful and aspirational goals for themselves.

We recognise that every child is unique

Each child deserves a programme that fits their needs. Our admissions assessment first identifies each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests so we can customise the best possible approach to furthering each child’s capabilities. Trained educational specialists formulate comprehensive lesson plans that will stimulate, challenge, and improve our students’ abilities in a safe environment.

Children attend regular and intensive individual and group classes. This allows our teachers to closely follow each child’s progress in one-on-one sessions and continually refine their learning programme, while encouraging children to problem solve with their peers during group sessions.

We invest in the village

We firmly believe in the power of the community. For a child to successfully progress, it is important that our educational specialists work alongside parents, caretakers, and other educational institutions. Our programme requires a hands-on commitment from all of us.