Teachers, parents, and schools with practical help, caregiving skills and knowledge to teach children with learning challenges. We believe everyone plays a part in a child’s growth.


The community in building social awareness in specialised learning techniques and how it is a powerful learning tool to help children overcome learning difficulties. We believe in investing in close and enduring relationships.


Children and adults to build a better future by focusing on cognitive, academic, communicative and emotional development.


Standing Together

The greatest change happens collectively. We believe in sharing knowledge so that more children from all layers of society gain access to the best learning techniques.

We work closely with grassroots and community leaders to build a movement of teachers, parents and institutional partners, so that children know they are respected and loved whilst working hard and discovering their best selves.

Sheer Dedication

We believe in the long-term and are driven by the belief that there are no limits to what a child can achieve.

Our professional teachers are patient, caring, committed and focused on developing each child uniquely in order to empower them, instil self-confidence and harness their academic breadth.

Shaping Change

We approach change on different levels at Alpha to Omega.

On a primary level, our process effects meaningful change by creating significant impact on the personal and academic lives of children. Beyond that, we constantly adopt and refine new techniques as we work with the industry’s best to improve the way children learn. By being at the forefront of progress, we aim to create valuable change in the way people view and understand learning difficulties.