Alpha to Omega is an organisation with over 35 years of experience that uses research-based techniques and instructional programmes to build and strengthen cognitive skills and help children learn critical content in schools


Children with learning challenges are often typecast. In school, they may struggle to focus, seem unwilling to learn and unable to keep up with their grade level. However, such challenges often impact children in other ways; leaving them socially alienated, unable to maintain healthy relationships, and suffering from low self-esteem

Without the right support, these children will continue to feel self-conscious, sad, angry, and helpless. And without specialist intervention, these children will be taught to accept that way of life; they will be taught not to aspire.

Alpha to Omega is founded on the belief that there are no limits to what a child can achieve.

Founded in 1988 in Chennai, India, we have over 35 years of experience of working with children with learning difficulties. Through furthering the propensities of children with learning challenges, we’ve dispelled the widely-held belief that the intelligence of these children cannot be harnessed.

We use several educational therapy techniques and learning strategies to motivate children to learn, to think deeply and critically, and expect more of themselves. By building and strengthening fundamental cognitive skills, we positively impact children to be intellectually independent and to live life in the long run.