ATO has given me an identity of my own. I was unaware of my own capabilities and talents, but the teachers and especially Lalitha Ma’am made me realize my talents. She made me shine like a diamond.

I joined ATO at the age of twelve. I am affected by cerebral palsy. I am glad that I got such a great opportunity to become a part of ATO. In this school, the teachers motivated and encouraged me so much that I became independent and could stand on my own legs.

I would like to thank Lalitha Ma’am, who gave me an opportunity to become a part of this school. When I entered ATO, I was a person not knowing what and how actually the outer world was. But as time passed, I totally changed and became a social and communicative person. When people look at me they think that I am not capable of doing adventure activities like canopy walk, mountain climbing etc. But she was the person who understood and motivated me to make up my mind that YES I CAN!!!! The special aspect of my school is that, based on the situations, the teachers change accordingly. They take the place of moms when wanted and also become a good friend when we want to share our feelings.

I would like to thank God, because he is the one who showed me the right place at the right time. People may feel bad that I studied in a special school, but I am glad that I got this wonderful chance that I could prove myself that I am not less than anybody. Now I am in my 2nd year, undergoing a Bachelors in Business Administration.

I would like to pass a message - never feel bad that your child is studying in a special school because this is the time when a child needs a major support. And this support is provided by this school to each and every child studying at ATO.