Every aspect of our student's school education is designed to support them as they prepare for higher education and a truly independent life

About Our School

The Alpha to Omega School, founded in 1988, is a co-educational day and boarding school for children between the ages of 4-18 years that is accredited to the National Institute of Open Schooling [NIOS]. We are dedicated to children who find learning a challenge. We recognize the differences and challenges in children and work with them to close this gap. Every aspect of their school education with Alpha to Omega is designed to support them as they bridge challenges and prepare for higher education and a truly independent life.

Alpha to Omega Learning Centre is an NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) accredited institution that has been enabling students with Learning Difficulties to complete their senior secondary education (NIOS board) and go on to professional courses in college.  Our expertise lies in developing students’ cognitive skills and teaching them strategies to learn academic content.  We thus make them independent, active learners rather than a passive learner who goes through school by rote memorization.  Our methodology equips learners with life skills that serve them well in all spheres of life, including in college and in a work environment.

Just as the Montessori method is now used worldwide for pre-primary education, though it was developed to teach children with Downs syndrome, so also our techniques are used in mainstream schools in several countries with great success. The inclusive wing in our school provides all students with the benefit of these specialized teaching strategies allowing students to soar far higher in their achievements than comparable traditional schools.. 

Our holistic approach combines academics, vocational subjects, yoga, drama, sports, cognitive skill programs (FIE), Educational Therapy and MNRI. 

We strongly believe every child has the immense potential to achieve high.

The Alpha to Omega School believes that
  • Everyone has the ability to learn
  • Every individual should be given the opportunity to fulfill his/her potential whatever the obstacles;
  • Every individual should have the opportunity to enrich his/her life, make choices and live independently;
  • Every individual should have access to further education via college or vocational training programs;
  • Learning methods should be moulded to suit the student;
  • Learning methods should be constantly improved through new research

The Alpha to Omega School is managed by the Sri Krishna Trust, which is registered with the Income Tax Department, under Section 12A of the Income Tax Act and has been recognized as a Public Charitable Trust through its order under reference 145/III/90 dated August 18, 1990.

Our small class sizes ensure that children are given a personal learning environment whilst being able to work with peers. This way we know our children always receive high quality learning. In addition, we provide specific one-on-one intervention or learning support to children who may require extra assistance. These are classes that take place within the school day.

All our children progress to take the National Board exams, which is essential so that students can consider further education and be an inclusive part of society after school. The Alpha to Omega curriculum prepares children from Grade 9 onwards in the subjects required for the Secondary NIOS exams.