Our extra curricular events promote bonding, teamwork and trust amongst our students

School Events

In addition to ideas and events that may ignite through our studies, the Alpha to Omega school organises an annual school trip in September. These trips support our Alpha to Omega student’s need to be independent as well as find a meaningful place in a community as a member of a group. It is a bonding experience. Emphasis is placed on teamwork, trust, communication and character development.

At the same time, the trips are important personal journeys, where one learns to live away from family in order to explore new environments and new ideas and move towards self-understanding and realisation.

The school trips have allowed our students to explore other areas of India (such as Mysore, Coorg, Orrisa and Coonoor) and other countries (such as Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia).

Every year, Alpha to Omega hosts a sports day that involves children from other schools. This is an important way for children to interact with students from the larger community as well as learn to compete in a respectful manner. We believe it is an essential medium in which students learn to work in teams, respect others, be thoughtful and courteous, have a purpose and a goal and have fun.

Achievement at Inter-school competitions
Second place in Ad Zap

Sarath Kumar
Sanjay Raja

Second place in Drama

Ram Kumar
Karen Patel
Chinud Kiruba Lincoln
V. S. Radhika
R. Jeeva
J. Navneetha Krishna
Abel Geo Hendry

Second place in art contest