Our curriculum and teaching style are closely linked to our values and our expectations of seeing children flourish

Curriculum Based Assessment
  • To monitor and evaluate the progress in core subjects
Instrumental Enrichment Program
  • To foster cognitive development and build thinking skills that consequently improves reasoning and verbal expression.
Learning Strategies Curriculum
  • To teach students independent learning skills that are essentially to understand how to strategically analyze and complete a task
Montessori-based Math Lab
  • To master the functional daily life math skills
Language Arts
  • Develop vocabulary through literature circles that and improve expression
Multisensory Teaching Approach
  • Multisensory teaching is simultaneously visual, auditory, and kinesthetic that helps to enhance memory, create phonomenic awareness and create encoding and decoding skills.
  • To build self-awareness and consciousness and support behavioural maturity
Occupational Therapy
  • Therapeutic intervention for children with gross and fine motor coordination difficulties
Human value education
  • To impart spirituality and moral education
Speech therapy
  • To articulate and overcome receptive and expressive language deficits
Social Skills Program
  • Circle time
  • Computer education
  • Word processing for NIOS(National Institute of Open Schooling) Board
  • Exam
  • Yoga & Karate
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Field Trip
  • Dance & Drama
  • Sports

About our Curriculum

With over 25 years of experience in working directly with children with learning challenges, we understand the level of effort, hard work, patience and drive that children and teachers need to have so that each child succeeds through their school years. Continuously working on bridging grade gaps and gradually improving performance can be physically and emotionally difficult for a child, but we have created a school community and environment that is safe, empowering and inclusive so that children have fun, recognise their achievements whilst not shying away from the challenge of hard work.

The curriculum and teaching style at Alpha to Omega are closely linked to the values of Alpha to Omega and our expectations of seeing children flourish.

An education at Alpha to Omega aims for the following development tasks in a child’s life, such that an Alpha to Omega student
  • Learns better and adjusts to new intellectual abilities
  • Develops expanded verbal skills in order to create improved personal expression
  • Develops increased impulse control and behavioural maturity
  • Develops stable and productive peer relationships
  • Establishes vocational goals
  • Adopts a personal value system as a part of one’s moral development
  • Develops a personal sense of identity that hinges on self-confidence and the awareness of one’s own talents