Elma Varghese

Parent since August 2015

"He believes in himself"

Alpha to Omega has changed the whole aspect of our sons learning journey. Your encouragement, persistence and wonderful techniques have helped him to become a more skilled student. He believes in himself, his confidence has improved and he knows he can do well. We truly appreciate your skill based approach, methodology and rare dedication to our son.

Eternally grateful!

"We feel blessed to have your guidance"

We would like to thank the ATO teachers for their dedicated mentorship and guidance. I see that my 20 year old son who is autistic looks forward to attending his classes every week. We feel blessed to have your guidance. I say “we” because it is not just my son who is learning and benefitting, but me too!

May Soh and Justin Toh

Parent & Son since March 2018

Mr and Mrs Selvan

Parents since October 2017

"She has become more confident in interacting with others"

Since enrolling our daughter at the centre, we have noticed that she has become more confident in interacting with others and working independently. The programme has been customized to push her out of her comfort zone and as parents we appreciate the fact that the teachers go the extra mile to provide opportunities, to develop her interests and continue to hone her skills. Our daughter finds the tips and strategies taught useful and always looks forward to her sessions at the learning centre.

"We are seeing our daughter through different eyes"

My husband and I feel our daughter is building confidence and enjoying her classes every week. Your approach and expectations have helped her to keep trying to do better. We feel most fortunate to have found Alpha to Omega and appreciate what the teachers are doing to help her love learning. We are seeing our daughter through different eyes, thanks to you!

Grace Choong and Eng Meng Koh

Parents since March 2018

Fatema Asgarally

Student since October 2016, 17 years old

I was 17 years old when I joined Alpha to Omega. That year I spent 5 days a week, at the Centre. Everything seemed dark, gloomy, and challenging. I just did not want to learn or remember anything. I kept thinking I was stupid. I did not believe in myself. I felt isolated and alone. Each month I began to feel different. Step by step the darkness lifted and I began to see light. I was feeling stronger as a student. I kept remembering what was happening in my classes. I was happier and began to believe that maybe I could learn after all. And after one year of what I thought was impossible, the possible happened. I passed my O’ Level exams!!!!! I am a very changed and grateful person thanks to ATO.

I love Alpha to Omega. I learn a lot. Every time I learn, I feel smart!

Claire Chan

Student since March 2016, 8 years old

Sabitha Thamilselvan

Student since October 2016, 20 years old

I have been a student at ATO since October 2017. In this time I have learned how to build my thinking skills. I have also learned strategies of how to focus longer.

I am most excited when I am a peer teacher. I help younger students with tasks. As they see me as a student as well, they are happy to work with me. This continues to help me with my confidence, as I do want to be a teacher someday. My teacher helps me how to teach by giving me tips and ideas. It is my passion and I love coming to Alpha to Omega especially on days I can peer teach.